Monday, July 04, 2011

Twentieth Century gangrene

Travel writer Paul Theroux in his introduction to Paul Bowles: Travels -
[Paul Bowles] was handsome and hard to impress, watchful, solitary, and knew his own mind, his mood of acceptance, even of fatalism, made him an ideal traveller. He was not much of a gastronome - as his fiction shows, the disgusting meal (fur in the rabbit stew) interested him much more than haute cuisine. He was passionate bout landscape and it's effects on the traveller, as "The Baptism
of Solitude" demonstrated, he was fascinated by the moods of the sky; and he was animated by the grotesque, wherever its misshapen form can be found.... Contemptuous of what passes for progress or technology, he speaks in one of these pieces about Columbo being afflicted with the "Twentieth Century's gangrene," by which he means modernity.
[Photo: Nelson Manda statue in Mandela Square, Sandton]

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