Monday, July 04, 2011

Bowled over

Ever since researching my trip in 2006 to Morocco I've wanted to get my hands on the writing and life of Paul Bowles. He lived in Tangier for most of his life, dying there in 1999, and writing up until his end.
Friday saw me buy his Travels: collected writings, 1950 - 1993 at Exclusive Books in Mandela Square, which I've dipped into through the weekend.
At dusk yesterday I cruised two bookshops in Melville looking for more of his work, but only coming up with a 1985 collection of his short stories, Midnight Mass.
Books, I believe, always arrive just when they should. Thank you.


Liquid Trees said...

The last line could not be more true.

Beautiful Mind said...

I'm so glad you agree! (How are you...?)