Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Revival. Joburg.

There's a revival about Johannesburg, my city of birth, that's taking place in my head.
I moved away, but not completely, four years ago. The distance between us has meant I'm able to return with an appreciative heart.
It's an incredibly creative, passionately alive and uber-productive city.
In the last few days I've re-experienced Jeppestown, Kaserne and Braamfontein. I feel enormously at home here again... an at homeness thats accompanied with longing.
On Friday night I drove past the nursing home, known always to me as the Mary Mount, or the Kensington Clinic, where I was born.
There I came into the world on the rim of the city's most magnificent skyline, and remain unalterably influenced by the two phallic landmarks - Hillbrow and Brixton towers - synonymous with Joburg.

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