Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This too shall pass

From the minute I woke this morning I put my phone off. My thesis has to be in by the end of the month, no later. I’m running very behind, also with what I need to deliver for the August edition of the paper. So I stayed in bed with my laptop, the cat, and the heater on, until I couldn’t bear it any longer.
Then I showered and drove to Nelspruit, 93km away, where not only is the climate considerably warmer and different, but where the chances are good that I will be able to recover from my bout of cabin fever.
I’ll carry on working on the thesis now, then I’ll go to gym. Then I’ll drive back home, go to bed, and the whole sorry saga will start over, again.
What’s providing me with ample hope though is the fact that every day, as we move closer to spring (which effectively arrives in August in South Africa), there is more light, and where there is light there is hope.
This too shall pass. And in the meantime I will do whatever I can to romanticise my life, so as to remind myself that even during the doldrums (at the ass end of winter), life is in fact an exciting adventure to be experienced to the full.
I choose to live fully, deeply, intensely... I WILL suck the marrow from the bone of life. I WILL.


Rift Power leveling said...

It is remarkable, very interesting blog.

fritz klee said...

wow its so deep

Colin said...

Chuckle..Damn, I wish I shared your optimism :-)

Beautiful Mind said...

Thanks for the feedback Rift Power leveling, it's much appreciated!

How are you Fritz?? :-) sorry I've been so quiet, but these have been crazy times. How you??

Colin I have no option, it's optimism or death! :-)

f klee said...

i am well thanx . Was wondering where in the world you are