Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday bloody Sunday

It's Sunday and I don't want to be working, but while my procrastination is the reason that I am, I continue to procrastinate, on and off.
I've loosely segmented my time into 90 minute blocks; in that time I'm incorporating everything I need to do, including chores: to break the monotony I'm blogging, tweeting, doing a wash, watering the garden with two sprinklers, writing up my university notes, preparing for the laying out of the August newspaper tomorrow.
And taking out the time to enjoy one of my lemon trees, which is having a bumper citrus season.
The citrus yellows and oranges are so wonderfully and starkly in contrast to the bleak overall lion tan colour that pervades our winter landscape; this is a winter rainfall region so everything is tinderbox dry and frosted out, completely bleached of colour.
Despite tasks and the mundaneness of the day-to-day, I strive to remember that today is an integral part of the life adventure. In every moment I seek the passion, romance and adventure that is life lived fully, and in the moment.
Or else I'm as good as dead.


Colin said...

Those are damn fine lemons Mr King!

zeckintelligent said...


Beautiful Mind said...

Colin you ain't seen nothing yet! :-) How are you?? I really would like to see you when next I'm in Durban and it's not so rushed. Happy Monday..

Beautiful Mind said...

Zeckintelligent thanks for taking the time to comment... much appreciated!

Colin said...

Hey Charles. Apologies for the delay in response :-)
Hmm well, over worked , under paid etc etc LOL The usual. But other than that I am great. It would be really cool to see you again. It has been many years.

We starting our veggie garden, (hopefully this weekend), so I shall keep you abreast of our foray into Veggiedom.

Awesome pics of the snow btw! We have had a hellishly cold winter here, (By Durban standards). Which probably means we are in for a scorcher this summer!

Hows the paper going? Looks like its keeping you damn busy

Rose said...

Nicely picture in your Blogs site thanks ,,,,, Earning