Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mama Zulu's coffee shop

Eshowe, Zululand: I've stopped at the landmark George Hotel on my winding 80km/h route up the R66, which turns inland form the main N2 traversing KwaZulu-Natal's north and south coast. The 25-room George is from another era, and contains a restaurant, pub and brewery that I'm adding to, and highlighting on my to-do list, especially as I'm increasingly (and with much greater curiosity) using this route.
The stop was a spontaneous 'quick right' off the road (that might well have irritated the driver right up my backside) at the last minute; I'm glad I've stopped, until now Eshowe has only been a word in my mind, without pictures attached.
The town is elevated on a hill seemingly way above the hot and humid coastal plane below. Best of all it's surrounded by the 250 hectare Dlinza Forest (a declared nature reserve), which gives it a cool, leafy and snug feel: I'm glad to be here, and The George hotel is going to become a favourite.

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