Sunday, May 20, 2012

Heart racing/brisk walk

Kaapsehoop: We celebrated Linda's birthday with bottles of red wine and a sumptuous feast at the quaint Bohemian Groove.
Just before dusk, with my mind on Lee, and needing a break from the crowd and my own loudness, I walked briskly in the last but gloriously surreal light to The Edge. By the time I got there my fingers were numb from the cold, winter's here.
Nevertheless, at the forester's lookout station, I was able to get down on my knees and give thanks for all that has come to pass, and for how blessed I am. And for another chance with Lee; love is not to be squandered, nor taken for granted...
It was almost exactly 3 weeks ago that I last walked to the escapement edge lamenting how I'd treated Lee, and had lost him by having taken him for granted.
So much, for good, has happened since. I'm so grateful. I'm still unable to comprehend everything that's happened in such a short time: and I've also been to the KZN coast twice, and Durban, and for long periods, in this time.
My business partner, also, died on 7 May.
I'm about to turn out the light and turn down the heat of the electric blanket; the two girls are up tight against me.
Good night

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