Saturday, May 05, 2012


Eating cereal and drinking from a bowl of green tea, I'm watching the sun set and acknowledging that I'm not in any way satisfied with the crumbs from (anyone's) table.
I've spent the entire day uncluttering my space, burning cards and photographs, and throwing away anything whose meaning I question.
I've simultaneously been walking a no-man's land of emotion, the green and uncut grassy bit beneath the roller coaster that no-one ever notices, nor acknowledges.

[I take another sip of green tea... a habit I acquired 7 years ago. I've cut out sugar for the last two weeks, which has seen me considerably cut my coffee intake. So it was a sugar addiction, not a coffee one.]

The sun, not unlike me, is on the very edge; something has to give. [Please see 'has' in italics...]
Or does all of this exist in my imagination? Just because I feel it, does it mean it's real?
My existential crisis is not pretty, for me.
The sun's gone, it's now dusk. I'll move indoors and put clothes over my undies, then go for a walk. I believe it's full moon tonight; I know where to walk to, to see it rise.

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