Tuesday, March 16, 2010


"Not telling the truth to ourselves and to others is the source of many of our greatest problems... a personal truth is a truth, it can’t be garnished, disguised or changed, it just is what it is...

"...When truth is buried, it grows, it chokes, it gathers such explosive force that on the day it breaks out, it blows everything up with it... the act of truth telling corrects what can become a poisonous situation. Truth-telling is a loving thing to do, even if we don’t always say it perfectly, it affirms our willingness to honour the importance of our relationships."

I’ve just received an email from a friend I love very much. In response to her taking a stance in her life, in drawing affirmative boundaries around her and her relationship, she received the above ‘confirmation’ in the course of her daily reading and living, while wondering (up until this confirmation) if she had done the right thing.

I believe that living life to the fullest is truly an act of faith – the instance when we confront our fears and take the plunge to fully immerse ourselves in our own life is exactly when walk off the edge trusting that either we will fly, or at least a net will appear. It’s in that moment of free fall that our faith is tested.

Those who are searching - but don’t yet believe that there is a living, real and up-front-and-personal God out there – take the plunge hoping with all their might that “the Universe will provide”.

Those who have had the hairs prickle on the back of their necks, that have had goose bumps and an extraordinary beating of their heart at His presence, will know that that Faith in Action is living in a perpetual space of endless miracles. They are - I believe - the ones living at, and within The Source. They are the one truly alive...

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Mathe said...

Truth telling may be a loving act but it is also difficult. And I am not sure if its the lack of faith that causes us to avoid our obligation to honour our relationships by telling the truth.

For me, it is all about humility! That is, right or wrong will I be humble enough to not gloat or to apologise if needs be. Fundamentally I do believe we will all overcome and the truth shall prevail. Is this not faith? Could it be my faith is not strong enough and I am defending my nature to avoid telling the truth until I am certain..? I don't know but I do know how it feels to agonise about the past based on the told and untold truth. And from the sound of things, your friend is now at the moving forward stage, which is truly awesome :-)