Monday, March 15, 2010

End of day

Dunking double chocolate rusks in good coffee at the end of the day, on my own patio. It's great to be home. I love my simple, unpretentious space. It holds me tight, its arms around me, like old lovers. Tight without clinging, there's no explanations, just long un-awkward silences. And deep contentment, because you know me.
It's the end of a deadline day that began at my desk at 3h45 am after not enough sleep. I could afford nothing but complete focus. With my phone off, my inbox off line and avoiding all visitors it was an isolated, unpleasant Monday.
Now I'm enjoying the sofa in the garden with Mika (the African black foot cross cat that arrived on my doorstep as a fist-sized kitten a year ago ) on my lap. There's long views of the mountain to my left, uninterrupted rolling hills to my right and west.
Tomorrow I'll start again...and be more human being friendly. Hopefully.

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liquid_trees_ said...

Last time I was dunking double chocolate rusks into coffee I was listening to the sound of the Indian ocean crash against the rocky shore as the sun rose in the Western Cape. Feels like it was in another life.