Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sandton Sun

The streets of Sandton, Johannesburg are alive with the oddest characters...and countless FIFA World Cup soccer-related paraphernalia.
But while I've resentfully got soccer coming out of ears, I've no option but to confess that there's a sense of mounting excitement about the impending World Cup pervading the very streets.
For the record, tonight I walked from 20h30 to 22h30 safely through Johannesburg's streets to Seattle Coffee at Sandton's Mandela Square and enjoyed every minute of it.
Architecture takes on another dimension at night, especially when building's heart-light emanates from their very innards, through their rib cages and eerily-beautiful around their very skeletons.
Being a hot and breathless summer night I wore only shorts, slip-slops and a t-shirt for the expedition. I almost thought it was the summer holidays.
Not to mention that I collected some plants along the way... in the best possible sense of course.

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