Saturday, March 20, 2010

Autumn Equinox

It's been dry. Late this afternoon a huge storm came in from the north and thoroughly soaked everything. It was the last storm of summer; tonight is the autumn equinox.
I'm sitting in front of a fire warming my bare legs.
It's dead still except for some water dripping off the roof, and crickets in the dark periphery. In a month's time it won't be pleasant to sit out like this, unless warmly dressed.
It's Lent, so I'm sipping on a non-alcoholic Becks. I'm dying to crack open a bottle of champagne that's been leering at me for weeks now from the fridge door.
I slept deeply this afternoon. Even now I'm exhausted, after one of my most trying weeks in yonks.
My laptop crashed this week after being a good and faithful servant these last three years. I've migrated to a Sony net book, and while having compromised a few luxuries in exchange for an exceptionally small, light and sexy technology tool, I'm ecstatic with my purchase.
I feel dry, very dry.
Tomorrow is a writing day.
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1 comment:

Mathe said...

And if you are productive with your writing have the champagne for lent is suspended on Sundays. And tomorrow is a indulge.

On a different note, sounds like you are thrilled with your new purchase. Also,like a typical male you have no problems in this case telling the world it is small ....rofl :-)