Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am an African... Greatness Shines!

This morning I received this email from my friend, Cape Town-based journalist Andrew October:

I rose with the rising sun.
I greeted my friends at the gym.
I danced to Chicane on my iPhone while training at gym, not caring who was watching, because I was happy.
I took pride in having a healthy body, and didn't forget to thank God for his awesomeness in healing me.
I stood at the Ocean's edge and took in the beauty of the morning sun.
I cherished the drive home along the Atlantic seaboard, smiling as I passed the many cyclists who are training for the weekend's Argus Cycle Tour.
I smiled because my English friend, Alastair, uploaded Thabo Mbeki's speech to his Facebook profile... it says...

I am an African ;-) Today it feels good to be an African.

Have you smiled today? Greatness Shines... brightest when it's from within.

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Mathe said...

Well it is indeed an awesome day to be an African! And today some of us I celebrating ... hope the love goes to all :-)