Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ashes to ashes

Hazyview: My grandfather's been trapped and claustrophobic in a small white plastic bag shut closed with rusty staples. It's been the case ever since he died in 1996.
Today my dad sprinkled his father's ashes, at last, around the pristine edge of a hippo pool on the edge of the Sabie River.
It's also the second evening in a row that the full moon has risen unhindered by clouds above the acacia thorn bush to the east.

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Mathe said...

Now that is my definition of PERFECT PEACE! Finding the perfect place to be integrated with creation ... I am sure its blissful. Your grandfather is a lucky man in so many ways including having a patient son...:-) Celebrate his life...

Wyn said...

I feel claustrophobic just reading it...........please dont do that to my ashes someday.
Has to be Fowey, all the way!