Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Stillezone Shhhh"

Copenhagen. On a train out of the city to Hillerod, where I will be staying for the next three nights.
It's freezing cold, undoubtedly below zero, and while there is snow on the ground, its a wonderfully sunny day.
To my left is a lake....well, a lake-sized ice skating rink; too beautiful in the midday sunshine, and in contrast to the winter trees and cobalt sky.
"Stillezone Shhhh" - my ultimate is being able to choose to sit in a smallish section of the carriage dedicated to quiet. No talking. No phones. No ring tones, nor music. And not to mention the free on-board wifi. Big brownie points - I'm impressed.
My first excitement was Copenhagen Airport. Stylish, spacious, functional, beautiful...and also dead quiet. Oh yeah, and filled with beautiful Danes.
I could live here...!

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Anonymous said...

sounds enchanted