Thursday, December 16, 2010

Open fire with pastry

Louisiana Cafe, Helsingnor. Denmark is pastry kingdom. I'm sitting close to a log fire in a Danish designed fireplace - beautiful with its clean lines - and I'm so flooding over with words that I have nothing to say, nor write. First a Christmas beer, then a coffee and cinnamon stick, as well as a chocolate muffin.
My face is squashed up against the double glazing looking out, beyond its confusing reflections, to sea and leaving nose-tip prints on the glass.
Danish laughter other side the hearth, American accents at the table to my right.
The ocean is moody, hardly, darkly visible. Sweden cannot even be seen.
As I wrote, I have nothing to say, nor write.
The temperature is hovering on zero, snow has fallen the whole day. Welcome to Denmark.
Tonight to read, by the fire, in the village we're staying in. Silence and quiet and calm and love. It was a tough year.

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a night of bliss