Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Surely countless sunrises are to follow the setting of today's sun?

Millys, on the N4 outside Machadodorp: It has been a rather dramatic time. The first rains have been coming while the last fires have been burning. Work has been pouring in, but ironically and at the same time, it's been a time for catching my breath. I've even taken on work that shafted me out of all my pre-conceived comfort zones. I've even had some time to bond with some of my friends in town, who I've not seen in months. Most suprisingly of all, my butterfly orchid is going to flower... for the first time in a few years. Now that brings me great joy, is a reason to celebrate.

On the other hand it seems as though four (yes, four!) of my friends, some of whom I counted amongst my closest, but not neccesarily the oldest, have said goodbye... or by their silence are saying goodbye. If so, it was good and I have not a single regret. I strive to live with an open hand, my palm raised upwards, never closed, never shut, never tight - never consciously controlling or manipulating the reins. Thus the palm of my hand is as open - as they walk off it - as when they walked on to it. It will be an open, welcoming palm should they decide to return. At least there's no more smoke and mirrors.

It is not an act of faith to believe that as surely as the sun sets, it will rise again?

Goodbye... just love.

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