Thursday, July 05, 2012

Sloughing my skin

It's excruciating to shed a skin, and a process seemingly without end when you're sloughing it.
I sit outside a random McDonalds, not far from a therapist in another city that had heard and fingered, long ago, the wrenches, twists and turns - and then healing - of my mind, heart, and soul.
I'm waiting to see her, I arrived early.
Driving through this city I passed landmarks and monuments of my previous baseness, now ticks to growth and enormous healing and progress.
Tears trickle down my sun-warmed cheeks (I'm siting outside) and into my lukewarm coffee and free serviette.
This warrior of light is preparing for his journey...and he lighter, leaner, stronger and more powerful. Although you'd never think sLouise-glancing at this driveling sight.

1 comment:

Monkey Man said...

like a butterfly, you have emerged from your cacoon and are about to fly....soar my friend :)