Monday, July 16, 2012

Morning pages

The cold front buffeted the house throughout the night; I woke to it a zillion times.
The screeching wind scattered pot plants that I thought were quite stable; it also filtered ash (from the bleak-black-winter-burnt veld on the hills surrounding town) through poorly insulated windows and frames, not at all unlike my soul that has been severely sifted these last 2,5 months.
This morning: peace on every level. The wood stove in the kitchen is roaring, warming up the house; I'm cranking it up to the max: snap, crackle, pop.
I'm sitting in my ugly-comfortable chair that's bathed in sunshine directly from the east, where I've gulped down a steaming bowl of green tea.
The wild but beautiful tortoise shell is curled shrimp-like on my lap; I'm about to begin my morning pages: "Dear God, thank you for meeting me here at the pages, thank you for walking me into the eye of the storm..."


Monkey Man said...

Peace comes after the storm....amazing grace.

glowray said...

Thank you God for walking me through the storm and with You as my horizon, everything else just disappears