Friday, March 02, 2012

Place of shouting

Morning has just broken. I loved the inky, cocooning darkness of the night struggling to keep its hold on this part of magnificent Africa; sorry for you Mr Night.
I woke at 4:22 with a jolt. Awareness of what I needed to fit into this day, was enough to jolt me again. And I get the most done in the peace and quiet before the phones start.
It's a magnificent day.
A hardly believable, most gentle breath of dawn-icy air hardly caresses my bare legs.
The window is open and I'm sitting close to it; I'm listening to the early birds catching their worms, and breathing in the peace.
Life, today I love you.
God, I always love you, but I know that I'm loving you even more every day that passes. Thank you for teaching me about simplifying my life, on every level. It really sounds easy, but it's not. Rewarding, very rewarding however, it is.
Thank you for today God, thank you for what you do for me. But thank you, most of all, for your constant companionship (I know that you're here RIGHT NOW), your blow-me-away humour, and the great ways in which you communicate with me.
Can I ask you a favor, three things?
I pray for eyes to truly see with; please will you bless Africa; and will you show me what I can do (especially so that I can live an extraordinary out-of-the-box life).
I choose to live passionately, deeply, intensely... I choose to FEEL!

The photo I took last Saturday with Guy, we were walking through Emgwenya township, after our abseil. That is a profile of Imemeza mountain in the background - the place of shouting.

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