Thursday, March 01, 2012

Paradise road

Been listening to an incredibly rumbustious (in the most magnificent sense of this beautiful word; I LOVE words!) version of Paradise Road.

It's a version (Jannie Moolman) that tingles, prickles my skin, unmanageably pushes up my pulse to sky level, and - simultaneously - breaks my still very tender heart (oh but for last week this time, I might have done things differently).

"Come with me down paradise road, this way please, I'll carry your load... There are better days before us, a burning bridge behind us."

With the broadest smile on my face, a bright red coffee-filled bodum plunger in my right hand, my Swedish coffee glass in my left, I careen around the house to the music and words; my greatest dance movements ever are oiled, smoothed by the polished oregon pine floors, despite fresh blood still on my dance floor.

"Cone with me down paradise road, it'll change your life..."

Track 12: I still believe in love

Happy-sore, I know I'm alive. I have emotions and I can feel them, even if it means fingering ragged-bloody-broken nerve ends....

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