Friday, March 02, 2012


Taking a break.
Lying at the bottom of the garden, with the girls (they sit in silence, close-by, and I know that we are a content and close-knit family), drinking coffee (life without coffee is not life) and eating my last butter croissant.
I love croissants.
Derick visited on Tuesday evening, he packed my fridge full with city delicacies, like butter croissants. He has no idea what a treat it has been, as I've rationed them carefully out; admittedly this last one needed 10 secs in the microwave to bring out the bakery in it.
It's a beautiful day with tinges of autumn around its edges, which is undoubtedly arriving early this year.
I'm off to Sabie River Sun this afternoon, grateful I am.
Happy Friday everyone...


Mitch Block said...

A butter croissant sounds delicious right now. Another hour to go before lunch! Very impressed that you baked that croissant yourself (in my book, 10 secs in a microwave is cooking)! Happy Friday to you, too.

Hoe said...

Yes, life without coffee is not life. The only time when I had to leave my house without coffee was the day for operation. After I woke up, the first thing I wanted was coffee.

Gustav said...

Pop it under the grill of the oven (if you have one?) next time, the Frenchie will slag (Afr.) you if you take her nations finest close to the microwave! ;-)