Thursday, January 19, 2012

Warrior of light

The rain has stopped and a bright orb is visible in the thick bank of silver-gray cloud that's enveloped my part of this wonderful world since Monday.
It's rained non-stop and the evacuation of the tourists in the nearby Lowveld began yesterday as rivers broke their banks.
For me this was a glorious time celebrating my favorite weather, but especially a time of focus and dedication - from dawn until dark - of breaking the back of my work for the current edition of the newspaper, also my eliminating my list of admin-related tasks long neglected, and my dedication to becoming more streamlined, to simplifying my life, and eradicating debt from my life forever.
[That felt like the longest sentence I'd ever written, hopefully it's readable?]
I have to thank my father for his love and for his help, and that he has turned his expert focus on to me; I have the best brains in the business on my side. And, of course going without saying, divine assistance.
I am living this year differently, I can feel it. And more aware than ever I am of my failings and weaknesses - thank you to everyone whom has the balls to hold up the mirror to me, so that I can see my true reflection, as ugly at times as it may be. Thank you for your guts to be honest (I'm not scared); the truth inherently sets everyone free.
I need to thank Steffen for the more than two incredible, fantastic years he has shared with me; he has emerged from his cocoon an upright, steadfast, God-man who is changing his world, and the world at large, into a better place with each step forward he takes. Fly you, FLY, on eagle's wings...!
Steffen, I am honoured to have had my path cross and then intertwine with yours; I believe that despite our small-world self-centered needs, you are learning that you serve a much greater purpose on this planet: it's a story of love, and dedication, to the greater good.
Steffen, you are indeed a warrior of light. Thank you.
I am blessed [no full stop intended]

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