Saturday, January 21, 2012

Character and superior quality

That last day of last year I walked from Delphino's, beneath the imposing St Blaize lighthouse, and along an almost main street of Mossel Bay. I was a road below the one I should have been in. (But I always maintain that the only way to find yourself is to get lost.)
The sun was blazing. My legs and arms were summer holiday bare, baking. The sky was cobalt. The ocean a deep blue, and extremely inviting. I remember, sharply and clearly, like it was this morning. And I was happy, with a spring in my blue and white slip slops.
Dirk picked me up in that 'wrong' road.
We had only met four years ago on the 'Net, swooping words, songs and poetry, never physically. By sheer coincidence we happened to both be in the town at the same time.
We had a marvelously long and lingering lunch, with cocktails and champagne, at the Cuban Havana's. We caught up, the connection was as if forever. Kindred souls.
At lunch he decided to begin a blog dedicated to good food and poetry, intermingled with exceptional photographs, which was born days later: 'Pomegranates & Poems' (
At lunch he shared some song words of Lize Beekman and promised me her cd, 'Ek het jou lief'. It arrived here before I did.
Sitting outside now, about to taste my first plunger of Sabie Valley Pure Farm Coffee, the words from Lize's 'ek was al daar' wafts outside from the darker, cooler indoors and caresses me just as the breeze caresses the fine blonde and brown hairs on my arms. Arms still brown from the holidays.
I'm reminded that life is about incredible connections with other human beings. Dirk is one of those incredible human beings, a man who has only love and goodness to offer our world; my life's enriched because of him. I'm looking forward....

Life is also enriched by the finest arabica coffee, I maintain. I grab the foiled coffee bag from inside and read the packaging:
"Along the Hazeyview Sabie road, nestled among the beautiful indigenous forests of the Lowveld, lies Rivrbend Farm, the home of Sabie Valley Coffee.
"This 100% pure arabica coffee is grown on the misty mountain slopes of the majestic Sabie Valley. After it is hand picked and sundried, it is roasted and packed by Tim and Kim Buckland who pride themselves on its freshness, character and superior quality."

Only and hour and a half's drive away at most, I know where my next exploration and road trip is going to be to. But for now it's to my desk and to wrap up the thesis for my masters: Damocles' sword.

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