Sunday, January 01, 2012

Harbour of my content

Ships are not made to remain in harbour.

After this welcome rest, at the end of my tether / last year, I know that it's back into the turbulent ocean, and the storms, I must return; that's where growth and soul stuff happens; scared I am not, although weary (and wary) I might be. Although I have found the eye of the storm, my challenge is to remain therein; I am my worst enemy.

This afternoon I leave the Mossel Bay (harbour) and drive the 4 hours left to Cape Town. I'm taking Cape Route 62, with anticipation.

The photo was taken by my darling friend, Torquepics, who has again made space in her 'summer home' available to me to lay down my head and to unburden my heart.
Coffee. The finest Cape champagne. Pizza. St Blaize lighthouse. Endless stream-of-conscious conversation (from the minute I arrive to the second I leave) about all that is The Source; which is where our separate journeys join, and blur, and love, and tears, and bleed.

For Him I lay down my broken life. To Him I return the words, the photos, and dedicate my heart. In the humblest, most simplest sense I am 'proudly' nothing.'

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