Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm at uni today. This is a view from the 10th floor journalism and media department, overlooking downtown Braamfontein.
This is a crazy space for me, I've a long history with Wits over many phases of my life. It's both a nostalgic and dangerous space, also one that's a strange combination of intellectual insecurity and intellectual awakening.
I've set June as the deadline for completing my MA, while my other goal is to drastically expand my freelance output as a writer, while simultaneously growing the business and publishing aspects of the newspaper.
But to achieve all of these things I need to focus. And it's focus that remains my greatest challenge. I need somewhere remote that I can retire to for a short while to realize perspective. Somewhere in nature, preferably on he ocean.

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Anonymous said...

you seem to me, someone who always knows what they want and what they need to get it .... it will happen for you my friend ;)