Friday, March 11, 2011

Chocolate cake

There's lots of little and teenager frogs outside. While I don't exactly want to touch them, I love their presence. They strangely comfort me. And all of us love the moisture when I water the garden and pots of succulents at my back porch. All the juicy adult frogs were eaten by the snake that visited here for a few days a few weeks ago. The snake that terrified the life out of us; the one that spat at my hand; the dangerous one.
It's a perfectly peaceful Friday evening. I've just come indoors from watering the garden barefoot, without a t-shirt, it's so hot and humid.
There's a slight, cool breeze through the house; I'm leaving the curtains and blinds open so that I can soak in the cool, calm and peace.
Angela and her two young daughters came to visit. They brought a milk chocolate cake from Zoune's with them; it's tradition when they come from the city.
The kid energy in the home was good, what I needed.
Now it's time to be alone and rest.
Happiness and calm seeps through me.

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Anonymous said...

snakes..ewwwwwwwwwwww they freak me out...but cake, now your talking my talk...i just posted a cake recipe on my blog, you can never have enough cake in life ;)