Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bagel breakfast

Johannesburg - I got here last night after a long day on the road, it wasn't a direct drive, instead, because of commitments, it meant winding through to Dullstroom and back before hitting the main road.
Then the rain came this morning, after a great night's rest. A restless moaning of the wind through the trees, which are already lighter because of shedding their pale-yellowed leaves, followed the downpour.
I've been thrilling at the thought of the respite from the summer and it's much harsher light; my skin has been crawling at delicious thoughts of my annual pilgrimage into the heart of the Karoo. It's a luxury time of solitude and introspection that I always allow myself at this time of the year: a period of self-searching assessment and questioning of my life path, and whether I'm 'on track' or not.
But for now it's another cappuccino and a bagel breakfast at Fourno's in Benmore, where I'm enjoying the gray, moody weather.

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David Allen Waters said...

the weather, the breakfast sounds like heaven.