Saturday, October 09, 2010

Re-defining me

I woke up in the middle of the night a brief while ago; I can't even tell you when, blur.
I realised this blog was superficial. More of a public relations exercise than the true heart of a writer.
Do I have the balls to change this?
Yes I do.
But do you have the balls to read it.
No I don't?

You stay at arm's length you.
But then why bother.
Not even worth its salt.

This has become a world of the projected self image. No more spin the doctor games for me.

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William said...

Why do any of us keep a blog? Maybe it's a simple way to reassure ourselves that our lives have some meaning, that somehow we matter. It's too easy to be swallowed up into the nothingness of today's insane world. We are a tiny voice among billions crying out to proclaim, "God made me. I am real. I have a right to live."

Oh my. Where did all of that come from? I must have had enough coffee for the day!

Mathe said...

William do you really want an answer from the masses? Personally, I keep a blog as a PMS outlet :-). I am not sure if at all its efficient but I guess it is better than clobbering idiots!