Sunday, October 31, 2010


I've come to Johannesburg to partake in the African investigative journalism conference at Wits university for the next three days. It will be the first one I'm attending. Now that last week is behind me I'm looking forward to it.
It took me well over four hours to get here this afternoon; my first delay was caused by a devastating hail storm that saw me drive off the road and under tree canopies for protection.
The storm took out the power to pumps at the petrol station I desperately needed to stop at for fuel, so I thought I'd have coffee there.
Water from the ferocious downpour was flooding the roadside restaurant, so I promptly ordered a cappuccino and breakfast, which arrived in record time.
Wind buffeted the car the remainder of the stormy route to the big smoke, with it at least three dust storms for company.
But all's well that ends well - I type falling into bed, a sumptuous curry & rice later, washed down by a glass of dry white wine.

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Anonymous said...

wow...sounds like some adventure...glad you're safe....curry sounds divine;)