Saturday, October 23, 2010

Naked brunch

Johannesburg. Saturday morning, I'm sitting up naked (except for my glasses) in bed with my laptop on my lap and a mug of good, strong coffee on the small wooden table to my left. I'm working on the content for the November edition of the newspaper. Despite my lack of attire (it's not even my birthday), an unshaven face and out-of-bed hair, I am officially on deadline.
I watched the 20h00 screening of 'Eat, Pray, Love' in Sandton last night.
After reading the book the movie disappointed me. I felt bored and restless
at times, and I expected extraordinary cinematography because the three
destinations - Rome, India, Bali - lend themselves to it. But there was
nothing exceptional about it at all.
(This photo was taken from the back of a motorbike by my Capetonian friend,
Ronelle Rust, on the road between Cape Town and Riebeek West. She is a
cycling photographer... and a physiotherapist.)
Happy Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I agree about the movie, it was not nearly as good as the was Just Julia Roberts being Julia Roberts:(

and truly, is there any other way to meet a deadlkine than naked with coffee? lol

William said...

That's the perfect morning in my opinion - being naked and drinking coffee. Hopefully you have some bug spray, though.

vivek gupta said...

Wow!!! this is really nice morning being naked with coffee

Beautiful Mind said...

I'd highly recommend the naked thing... especially while working. It has the advantage of putting everything into perspective, especially when you're talking to an uppity client on the phone!
The main thing is to remember that the contents of the coffee cup tend to be hot, and in my case I like my coffee piping hot ;-)

Niki said...

I remember getting you to buy the book in CT after a cup of coffee before I left for Perth (remember?).

I haven't seen the movie, but I believe a better title for it is

"Eat Pray Snooze"