Sunday, July 05, 2009

Waking the Dead

Tillich said, it's only "here and there in the world and now and then in ourselves" we see any evidence of a new creation.


Grant & Charl said...

Speaking about waking the dead... it was really great to run into you on Sunday at Exclusive books.

Charl and I wondered what had happened to you - And I am sure you wondered the same about us; Not to mention the fact that you did not know about our exciting news for next year!

So how about blogging about us sometime? Lol

Keep well and keep in touch now - And watch this space...

Grant & Charl xx

Beautiful Mind said...

thanks for the comment...! yeah, it was great seeing you. there's NO such thing as coincidence!
you'll have to do something completely unextraordinary for me to blog you guys... i don't follow high-flyers & don't have TV! haha!
happy wednesday...