Sunday, July 05, 2009

'Eat shit you dog..'

Last night, not even minutes after I was able to show a random stranger an act of kindness in a moment of his distress and helplessness, a situation completely ignored by the passing parade, I had a revealing conversation with a newly made (three weeks?) friend.

My friend, a truly 'wealthy' man in the worldly sense, certainly has no material need. In terms of possessions has everything, and much more. His walls are higher, his house is larger, his cars have seats that "even heat his balls" (quote, unquote), and his electric fencing most likey even electrocutes at a much higher voltage.

Yet, I realised last night, he has nothing. Brittle-hard, incapable of kindness except when in expectancy of a return on his 'investment', he told me that he sometimes views the humans around him as no more than dogs (I've experienced some incredible, life-changing moments of enlightenment and creation-authenticity in the presence of animals).

Without love and the capability of kindness, life I've realised is empty and meaningless, no matter how extensive your share portfolio. Of this I am beyond convinced. I am thus even more determined to pour my life out for those seemingly the most unworthy.

After 40 and a bit years in the wilderness, only recently have I begun to understand the meaning of life. La chaim!

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