Wednesday, July 08, 2009


In tenderness, My child, lies the greatest strength that can come to the human heart. Kindness is like a rose, which though easily crushed and fragile, yet speaks a language of silent power. It is the same power that lies in the eyes of one who loves. It is the power that moves the hand of him who gives alms.

Beauty comes to the inner soul of a man as tenderness becomes his outer expression. He who finds it has captured the atmosphere of heaven and has brought to his human relationships the essence of God's holy love. Never shall he search for peace, for he creates within his own heart a pool of restfulness because his every attitude is benevolent. Nothing on earth can shatter his joy, because God's Spirit within his own soul has become his source of happiness, and he is ever richer in sharing.
None who looks to him are denied, because the love of God embraces all. Gentleness has become his language, and kindness his speech. Christ is the expression of his life, and He has become his deliverer from all that offends His grace.

From Frances J. Roberts' "On the High Road of Surrender".

[The photos were taken in the late afternoon and just hours before one of the severest cold fronts in years hit on 26 June. It's the stretch of road between Dirkiesdorp and Wakkerstroom, which is on the R543 between Piet Retief and Volksrust in far south eastern Mpumalanga.]

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