Monday, July 20, 2009


Waterval-Boven writer Michael Tellinger is adamant that South Africa holds some of the deepest mysteries in all of human history. He says: "Although much has been written about the first humans who appeared in this part of the world, we have found very little evidence of their activity or what they did or what kind of lives they led from around 250 000 years ago to 75 000 years ago." What we are told, he says, is that around 60 000 years ago the people from Africa began to migrate north and eventually populated the whole planet.

Tellinger also maintains that Waterval Boven, Machadodorp and Carolina lie in the heart of the ruins of a city that was larger than modern day Johannesburg. I visited just some of the ruins close to the town; the ones photographed above are just off the Schoemanskloof Road.


Anonymous said...

Hi Charles

Where is this excatly? Looks amazing and hope many more discoveries are made in Boven area!


Beautiful Mind said...

hi there!
if you're travelling down the N4 from the machado toll plaza towards waterval boven, take the turnoff to the left to lydenburg/nelspruit (the schoemanskloof road) and almost at the summit of the hill, on your left, along the side of the forest you'll notice ruins. just after that is a sand road to the left, take it and travel with it until you're above the ruins... there's a gate in the fence. next time i'll take a GPS reading for you. let me know what you think! :-)