Monday, March 23, 2009

She's really looking pretty

Am I safe in supposing that something as masculine as a road could be feminine? The N4 road - well the part of it* that passes my house and that straddles the Gauteng powerhouse and its closest port, Maputo, capital of Mozambique - whic is probably the busiest national road in sub-Saharan Africa, is looking it's prettiest right now.

Yeah, I love the emerald green countryside at Christmas time, the height of summer, in particular when contrasted against turbulent, low slung elephant gray storm clouds.

And the khaki of mid-winter in stark contrast against cobalt blue skies is breathtaking.

But, most of all, I love the voluminous whites, pinks and mauves of cosmos time, which for me heralds a time of autumnal introspection, also speculation, and of course, lent. My arms bristle with the chicken flesh that comes from sniffing the winds of change... of knowing that no matter what befalls the world, I have an intimate relationship with the One that is the writer of The Story. That's when I imbibe the electricity in the air of knowing that, a long time ago, I walked right off my map....

*In fact the N4 straddles the entire subcontinent, right across from Walvis Bay in Namibia, through Tshwane in Gauteng, across to Maputo in Mozambique. Trans Africa Concessions (TRAC) has a 30-year concession on the section of the N4 between Tshwane and Maputo.

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