Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blogging is for babies

Yes, consistent babies! The last fortnight has been crazy for me. I've not got to blogging, nor to writing (except for churning out the thousands of the churn words that pay my salaries, but that aren't my art and are delivered like droplets of blood on hectic, city-style deadlines). Instead I've gone with much less than my desired amount of sleep and entry into a vortex that was extraordinary - but it was all about incredible projects (more later!) thar will come into fruition later this year. In summary, and to mix my metaphors, I've not touched sides, I've not been able to come up for air from where I was chucked into the deep end.

I'm just back from the Heartlines sponsored soccer tournament at the Vusi Masina soccer park in Emgwenya, Waterval Boven. After a days of rain it was an afternoon of sunshine and football. Now I've downed a Castle Milk Stout and rubbed my stubble in the fur of my most favourite dog, Serra. The sun's baking down, burning my bare legs, while the wind of change is blowing and warning of a rapidly approaching winter. The peach trees' leaves are yellowing and rattling on the still emerald green lawn. Now we're off to Stone Circle Bistro for a pizza. I couldn't be happier... God is good.

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