Sunday, March 01, 2009

God of the Morning

I found this blog entry of exactly two years ago, I'd typed it up on my phone in the middle of the night in this exact chalet:
awoke in the middle of the night busting for a pee. the moon, bright, high in the night sky, was slowly being eaten by the earth's shadow, turning crimson as i stood in awe barefoot on the dew covered grass.
you get into the natural rhythms quickly. it's our eons-old instinct. i awoke as the sun crept over the bush on the side of the river. and the day party had begun... sitting here doing my morning pages i've been visited by a small brown sparrow (mossie?), five curious egyptian geese, a spider and some squawking prehistoric hadedas. all of this against the backdrop of the barking, grunting hippos!
now heading off to the pool and to bask in the morning sun and to lap up the natural abundance around me.

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