Monday, November 17, 2008

Very, very Hopeville...

I had no idea that Waterval-Boven even had a 'public swimming pool'. Apparently the producers of the tv series that's currently being shot in town (Hopeville) had to trawl the whole country loooking for a 'dorp' with a pool in as bad a condition as ours (see the photo).

How did it ever get to this condition? Dumb question actually. Judging by the trash all over the town, even down by the river, the potholes and the dangerously missing manhole covers, soon the rest of the town might be looking like our swimming pool.

Okay, so I musn't be negative, but rather to be very hopeville and to supply a solution to the challenge than moaning about it... anyone got any ideas?
Heartlines Press Release:
Waterval Boven has been invaded — by lights, cameras and lots of action — as a six part television series is filmed in and around the town.

The TV series, called Hopeville, is the moving story of one man who has the courage to do what is right and live his values. Amos, a single father and recovering alcoholic arrives in a small town, Hopeville, hoping to make a new start with his son Themba, By taking action to repair the public swimming pool in the town, Amos' vision and courage to live out what he believes, impacts on his relationship with his son and the community at large, transforming the town "for good".

Filming in Boven started on 4 November and end on 19 December. But first Boven needs to be transformed into Hopeville — a very old and tired Hopeville. So, various buildings around the town will be painted to make them look old and uncared for, trees will also be sprayed so they look like they are dying, a big 'rubbish dump' will be set up in town, and certain roads will be closed for filming.

But Boven residents don't need to worry — the non toxic paint on the buildings and trees will wash off in the rain, the 'rubbish dump' isn't real and will be easily cleaned up, and Boven will shine at the end of the film. For instance, the swimming pool that's repaired in Hopeville will really be fixed up for the residents of Boven to use after filming ends.
The main actors starring in Hopeville arrived in Boven on 3 November. Locals will be hired as extras and for bit parts. The filming company has also asked for assistance from locally-based carpenters, welders, truck drivers and cleaners. If you can help, please contact Karel on 083 382 1347.

Hopeville will screen on 24 February at 19h30 on SABC 2.

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