Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stone Circle Bistro serves a dam good breakfast

Infamous Sharkey's Sports Bar & Bistro in Waterval-Boven has finally given up the ghost with the signage for Michael Tellinger's Stone Circle Bistro having finally been erected. I can testify that it's now serving a fantastic, value-for-money breakfast from 8am on weekends. Finally there's a breakfast joint in town and it's most likely the only place between Millys and the Malaga Hotel on the N4.

His bookshop is most likely to open later this week. The walls have been drilled and prepared, the shelves should be going up tomorrow and the books delivered later in the week.

The museum - dedicated to Michael's research on the countless stone circles in the area and Adam's Calendar in Kaapsehoop - is also nearing completion; the water proofing's completed and it looks like they've started painting it.

The deck and bar on the Eland's River are also under construction and about 50 trees have been planted. It's looking good... and it's just what this village has been crying out for yonks.

The Full Breakfast consists of 3 rashers bacon, pork sausage, 2 fried eggs, mushrooms, tomato, 2 slices of toast, a great 180 degree view, an efficient waiter called Tommy, a friendly and well-armed chef called Dennis and a vivacious manager called Debra. All of this for R35.00. While a high from a cup of Blue Mountain filter coffee will set you back R8.00.

Other than breakfast, Michael has imported a pizza oven from Melville in Jozi. They're also great and are served with his exceptional chilli concoction on the side.

As Michael always say, "Waterval-Boven is now two clicks away from being a Dullstroom [but in the very best sense, of course]!"

Stone Circle Bistro: 013 257 0759

More info about the stone circles:
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