Friday, August 22, 2008

Steers smeers

The friendly N4: After 2-hours driving, and in anticipation of a sit-down meal, coffee and a welcome break I stop at the Middelburg Ultracity.

The choice is Steers or... Steers. The Steers restaurant is closed: "You can only get takeaways," says the unfriendly woman behind the counter, not even looking me in the eye.

Why is it closed, I want to know? No answer.

Friday evening, 18h20, on the Maputo Corridor - probably one of the busiest national roads outside of the Durban/Johannesburg N3 - and undoubtedly the busiest evening of the week.

Not only has Steers colonised just about every food place open on the highway with it's unimaginative, not-value-for-money junk food (my opinion), but then they choose to herd everyone into the takeaway section after 18h00: "We can take your money faster this side with close to naught value-add to your Steers 'experience' from us... Next?"

Sitting here blogging (in their faces, it gives some pleasure, albeit slight... who's gonna give a damn anyway?) while waiting for my coffee, four families have come and asked why the restaurant's closed. Two, like me, were immensely irritated.

Bye bye garish wonderland... happy feeding of the herd.
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1 comment:

Shane said...

Good for you! Where has service gone to in this country? Or even a polite, concise explanation as to the lack thereof? People need to start raising their voices, so again, your reaction is perfectly understandable.