Sunday, August 31, 2008

The August winds have come...

Berlin Forest, Kaapsehoop: And with the August winds have come the fires. The wind has shuddered the house from early yesterday morning, reminding me of the Cape's infamous south-easter.

Unlike the south-easter, we at least had a respite from the wind for most of the night. At 04h50 it started again.

I've just spoken to my freind Linda Reinstorf at the Kaapsehoop horse trails, they're busy evacuating in the face of the fire. They're also praying for a sudden stop to the wind. (All of us here live in the realm of regular miracles, so of course anything IS possible.)

Linda's boyfreind, Christo, is trapped in a firebreak between two fires. He was on his way to move some of the horses. But after 13 years here in the forest, I've no doubt he knows his stuff....

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1 comment:

Shane said...

The August Winds doth blow here, too! Hard, relentless and dusty. Thankfully minus the fires!

Even so, the Winds are a very important factor in rain production, pollination and dispersing of veld seed.

We'll have to bear with the Winds just a little longer... until the first, glorious rains come!