Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Pliable heart; green light

I took this photo at the end of yesterday, as I walked alone along the deserted coastline seeking the inky, greasy dusk.

My heart was light; it was the most unburdened it has been in the last eight weeks.

I woke yesterday realising I had let my heart grow hard and hoary again (death sneaks up on you like that), that my life flow had been halted; that I was slowly strangling myself to dead.

The burst-then-gush of self awareness quicly freed my ice-trapped light.

At my uttered prayer for a pliable heart, as simply as that, my pause-button was un-cl-icked, the tension released, and the light turned green.

GO! Don't hold back, I urged myself. "What do you love - can you name it? Start there and follow the clues, you'll find your treasure along the way."

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