Friday, March 01, 2013

Home alone

I've not left the house for a few days now.
The black cat sits on a pile of books by the window; she's tightly hunched against the coolness and the greyness of the day. She's black-smooth-velvet against the deep-dark green of the tree that reaches, grabs more closely daily for my window.
My tea steeps on the bedside table; the fat Penguin edition Paul Theroux I'm currently reading - My Other Life: A Novel - is a little further away, right under the desk fan, I'd have to reach out of my way for it. Its contents, what I've read so far, are coursing through my veins, deliciously steeping in my brain juices. 
I bought the handsome secondhand copy for a mere R20 at the Ballito SPCA charity shop from a faded but bright and chirpy older woman; she blossomed beneath the genuine downpour of my praise for the large book section, it's varied amd fascinating contents, and low prices. 
Midmorning yesterday the heatwave unexpectedly broke: Gale force winds drove a cold front, much lower temperatures and eventually, late last night, rain, up the coast from the Eastern Cape.
The storm seemed to gather and rage around my wooden upstairs room battering the walls and windows, but not flustering the cats. I'm still held captive here, reluctant to leave. My warden, kindly and generous, allows me to pretend that here in the eye of my storm reality no longer exists.
While in reality my cheese has moved, I'm resisting change, and will soon starve...despite the kindness of strangers.


Jeff Chandler said...

Your writing is beautiful and I have the greatest respect for the way you open your heart to let the contents fly out so poetically.

Beautiful Mind said...
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Beautiful Mind said...

Hello Jeff. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for the feedback; I'd almost given up on words, and in so doing had almost given upon me.
You, and your blog, constantly remind me that there is a lot more to life - in the humblest, most simple (and thus perfect) sense - than the attention grabbing and superficial world of the media-driven-centered-whirlpool-inferno that 99.9% mistakenly take, without any self awareness, for modern bloody marvelous life.
Instead life is in the creating silences, our mulching moments; in the light at dusk and dawn; in the spiderweb's immaculately-held dew drop; in the unexpected, unwarrentd, unasked for and strings-free smile at a random stranger. You and your words remind me that it's only about unconditional love and compassion.
And THANK YOU for London through your eyes.
Have a fantastic weekend...

Jeff Chandler said...

Hey Charles! I'm glad that you didn't give up on your words (and yourself). You are a true artist and make such a beautiful contribution to this incredible, crazy, blue planet. I think, if most people slowed down for just a bit and took a deep breath, they would see that there is connection to everything. And even from 5911miles away, I feel a connection of words to a like-minded soul.
Thank you!

Beautiful Mind said...

5911 miles, is that how far you are away; I would NEVER have guessed that's the length of our connection!
Thanks, again, for your kind words... Have the best afternoon and evening ever. And enjoy the arrival of your Spring.........