Monday, March 04, 2013

If you go down to the woods today... (A guided tour of Durban BotanicalGardens on 9 March)

So many of the people that I speak to in subtropical Durban take the city's 15 hectare botanic gardens for granted. I'm adamant and in everyone's face about this - it's a jewel to be cherished in both hands!

The Durban Botanic Gardens is not only the city's oldest public institution but is Africa's oldest surviving botanic gardens. Oh, did I mention that - on top of everything - this green and beautiful lung is free to enter; you've no excuse not to visit it.

According to one of my favourite local eco blogs Sprig (mulch love) there is one guided Garden Tour this Sunday, 9 March, which I'm intending to make:

Join experienced Botanic Gardens' guide Liz Ellis for a tour of the Durban Botanic Gardens, the theme of which will be a general garden tour with a focus on birds in the Gardens.

Meet at the Visitors Complex Info Centre. The tour starts at 09:15am at a fee of R35 per person or R25 for Friends of the Durban Botanic Gardens. Contact: or call 031 322 4021 / 031 322 4019 (Jennifer or Thami) for further information.

The photo I took in October 2012; it's of the trunk of a magnificent Ficus cotinifolius planted in 1934, which reminds me of an elephant's hide.


Sprig said...

hey man,

thanks for the mention and the info about the gardens... enjoy the tour! :-D

Beautiful Mind said...

The mention's an absolute pleasure; anytime! I'm looking forward to the tour, my curiosity's piqued ;-)
Keep up the great work with Sprig... I love getting post alerts in my inbox.

Cristi said...

wow .. been reading you blog for over 1 hr. i love it. i find it inspiring
back soon