Saturday, April 07, 2012


Sunrise was at 5h46. The day here started at 19 degrees C, and according to Accuweather, a chill 6 degrees in Waterval Boven.
I left there on the cusp, the day before winter arrived.
Good morning
I've watched the sunrise with a plunger full of fine Kenyan coffee, now I've put on swimming shorts and, barefoot and shirtless, I'm walking the 1km downhill to Hibberdene's beach.
I want to enjoy the ocean and a long walk before it gets too busy and mall-like with the Easter holiday makers from up north, like myself.
Then back to my sunny room with a view at the top, eastern side of the A-frame house that I love so much.
I must remember to shut the windows before leaving, the marauding monkeys can teenage-party-ruin a place when one's back is turned.
It's a day drenched in ozone, golden morning sunshine, all against the 3D wallpaper of endlessly crashing breakers.
There's probably not a finer place to be right now than the KwaZulu-Natal coastline, especially as winter begins to stroke and scratch the rest of SA with long-nailed and icy white fingers.
My sun is rising...

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