Tuesday, April 03, 2012


I'm in Nelspruit sitting at a coffee shop in the old mall.
It's warm here but bearable for a change, because of the first cold spell that has hit.
I'm entering a brief rest and hibernation space, everything has slowed down.
Tomorrow, at dawn, I leave for the ocean. And to see Lee.
I just found a wonderful, small and affordable nursery on the White River road. It's called Go Green. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the name.
There I bought 5 rare (to me) and unusual succulents. And I met a wonderful woman called Michelle. She works there, has beautiful eyes, and is going to Europe soon: Brussels, the Chelsea flower show, Tuscany, Florence and Venice.
Her 89-year old father paid for the trip.
She was born in the Congo, is a Belgium, and speaks French; all wonderfully unusual for White River.
I'm heading home soon to pack, and to ready myself for rest.

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