Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pineapple sage

The pineapple sage flowers are starkly and magnificently red; the herb has grown large, robust from the ample rains; I'm dreading what the winter will do to it.
The peach tree's leaves are yellowing fast and pointing straight down towards the ground.
Sunset was at 17h44.
I've begun, with the kitchen, readying the house for winter: the covers are off the couch and being washed, I've moved the kitchen table-for-two next to the far wall, and the large comfy couch to in front of the wood stove, where I'll spend my winter time working.
Have picked some passionate-red cannas for a vase on the table where I'm writing this; I've made a plunger of fine coffee; and I've had 2 wholewheat slices of honey and peanut butter: contentment oozes from my very pores.
Got into bed at 21h30 last night and most unusually got out of bed at 13h00; it was a much needed sleep and how I celebrated getting news that i have my masters degree; the coldy written email came at 16h58 yesterday, an hour before I arrived home from my very good time at and in the ocean; I've been toiling at it since February 2005.
Thank God it's over, and that I'm free to pass through new doors and begin the live-writing of new chapters.

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