Monday, February 27, 2012

Second best sucks

Give me HOT, even give me COLD, COLD, COLD, but never give me LUKEWARM.

LUKEWARM revolts me, and I'll SPIT it from my mouth and on to the ground.

(Oh but for those who can live in the truth at all sets everyone free. I pray to be one that that is always truthful, even when it is most uncomfortable, and momentarily hurtful to myself. Especially then.)

I pick flowers for everyone left by the wayside... And especially for me, because I am free, truly free.

Like a fleeting shadow, I will silently leave in the night, pulling the door gently shut behind me; without even a click, I'll be gone with the wind, but intactly so, and walking into the dawn-on-my-face...

Like a dandelion on both my open palms I'll breathe you away, but with sadness and nostalgia for what could have been; but with blessings and good wishes too, that you find your ground, your earth, gently land, put down roots, and flourish. (In so doing I am even freer)

Goodbye. May all your dreams for love, happiness, joy and peace come true. May you be abundantly blessed with just good things, and by His love. Goodbye

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