Monday, February 27, 2012

Only He knows the true heart of men

This is where she routinely sat, watching television until at about around about 21h30-ish when she would feel for her walking stick (she was recovering from a double whammy, at 78, of tick-bite fever and pneumonia, which almost cost her her life, what a pity that it didn't), and get up, and open the three sets of security doors, to let out her three dogs into the garden for a piddle, before reversing the locking up process, and going to bed.
Except that last Wednesday night they somehow got in, dragged her to the pantry, looking for her money and a measly digital camera, then brutally murdered her with fists and a hot iron, so much so that one eye was completely out of the socket, and the other almost. And the flesh burnt from her arms.
A 78-year old woman with a walking stick.
She was found the next morning broken and face-down in her own blood, in her own pantry.
It needs to be confirmed, but this was apparently visit number two, the first took place four-years-and-a-jail-sentence-ago.

This morning, at 09h00, they appear in court in Belfast. I must be there at 8h00, so that I can find a place to shoot them from; I'll have to deftly move between a wide-angle and zoom, pulling the trigger as I go.
I must also find forgiveness in myself, because judgement is God's prerogative alone.
Only He knows the true heart of men.
Unforgiveness has a destructive, bitter root.

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